Aurora Center NYC for Eating Disorder Treatment has one mission: to offer a supportive environment for individualized healing and recovery, mind, soul and body.


We believe that full recovery is possible when clinicians work in partnership with individuals for empowered healing. Eating Disorders are complex and life-threatening illnesses. We understand the complexity of treating Eating Disorders and encourage anyone seeking treatment to be assessed and evaluated by an Eating Disorder Specialist. We understand that Eating Disorders are multidimensional, and include genetic, neurobiological, physiological, psychological/emotional, behavioral, social, relational, familial, and spiritual components. With this philosophy in mind, we offer an integrated approach to eating disorder treatment in New York City that is designed to support a complete recovery by addressing all aspects of an Eating Disorder.


Aurora Center NYC is a nondenominational outpatient clinic which welcomes every person of every culture in every kind of body. Our business model is founded on both the yogic principles of ethical guidelines (The Yamas and Niyamas) as well as Jewish principles of business and business ethics outlined in the Torah and the Talmud. We believe that living a valued life means being connected to other people and the greater world. It means honesty, integrity, and the ability to take responsibility for oneself. It means being accountable to yourself and others and making conscious efforts every day to live in a place of compassion and open-heartedness. It means believing in the sunny warmth of a new day, while accepting that sometimes we all have to live in the gray.