We are Here to Help. If you have been struggling with an eating disorder, disordered eating, body image issues, depression or anxiety, we understand how hard it can be to reach out and take the first step. All admissions at Aurora Center in New York City begin with a phone call with one of our friendly and compassionate intake coordinators to assess your personal needs.

To receive any outpatient eating disorder treatment services or outpatient mental health services here at Aurora Center NYC, we will schedule an intake appointment for you with one of our intake specialists and send you an online intake packet to complete and return prior to your initial appointment. Intake Assessments occur in person at Aurora Center’s Upper West Side Office Location here in Manhattan. To accommodate those individuals who may be out of state, we also can arrange for intake assessments to be conducted through a HIPAA secure video conferencing system.

Those interested in receiving treatment at Aurora Center NYC at higher levels of care including our intensive evening program and Recovery Reboot, will need to complete a medical assessment including lab-work, in addition to the intake assessment at our NYC clinic.

After your in-person assessment where we ascertain your treatment goals and needs, we will make a recommendation for a personalized treatment care plan to help you heal from your eating disorder or food/body image issue with guided and caring support for your body, mind, and spirit. At Aurora, eating disorder treatment is always done with thoughtful care and collaboration to create a plan that works best for you.

If you are here, there is a part of you that is ready. Take the first step. Make the call. Send the email. We are here to help you heal.