Wellness Wednesday



I'd like to introduce everyone to another brilliant writer, Ta-Nehisi Coates. If you are a human, you should read his work. He writes poignantly, thoughtfully and masterfully about cultural, political and social issues, and of particular importance in this country (and this world), on issues around race.

His groundbreaking essay tracing the history of racism in the United States from the birth of the nation to present day, The Case For Reparations should be required reading in all high schools and universities. This is a long one, but a great one.

Coates is a writer for the Atlantic, one of my aforementioned favorite magazines, and there is a brief taste of his new book Between the World And Me, (which I am slowly and painfully working my way through), in an essay titled Letter To My Son.

Coates, like any writer of importance is not without his critics. I suggest reading his work for yourself using your thoughtful, reflective, and analytic skills to come to your own understanding of what he is trying to express.

Josh Neimark