Soulful Sunday: December Reading List (Link-Love!)



On this soulful Sunday, I wanted to share a few things on my reading list. Most of these are not related to eating disorders, and that's actually the point. In recovery, my goal with clients is to help make someones real life more interesting and meaningful than their eating disorder. To do this, you need to develop and nurture all parts of yourself. Take a step toward growth and identify one special thing you will do on todays soulful Sunday. Here are links to what I have been reading lately to start you off!

How much do I love Nora Ephron? A lot. Check out this quote from her:
"One of the themes the women return to frequently in The Girls in the Office is their belief that men are just little boys, infants with “hang-ups in their brains like spider webs.” I have heard this theme song so many times from so many women; and every time I hear it, I recoil. It is, quite obviously, a profoundly anti-male remark; it is also, I’m afraid, partly true. Saying it’s so gets us nowhere, though. The unhappy corollary to the fact that a lot of men are just little boys is the fact that so many women put up with it — cater to it, in fact, mother them, bolster their egos by subjugating their own — and feed right into the real problem, which is not that men are little boys but that men don’t like women very much, can’t deal with their demands, their sexuality, their equality."
Boom! Pow! I love her! A great reminder to always HOLD ONTO YOUR OWN POWER and never give it up for anyone.
Now click here to read 7 great quotes/writing tips from her!

Apparently I've been on a NY Times kick lately....enjoy these gems:
Guess what? Yoga really is for everybody and every body! Click here to learn more.

As a big opera fan, and more specifically a fan of the Met Opera (and their absolutely amazing breathtaking productions), and as a feminist -- this news thrills me and fills me with fantastic joy!

Cash Rules Everything Around Me -- finally women are being incorporated into the new designs for US Currency. I wrote several papers on Harriet Tubman when I was in middle school, and I am extra excited she will be one of the new faces of our money.

An interesting cross-comparison of folks who have attempted to diet as a means to control their weight and the varying results of these attempts.

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I enjoy a certain comfort from the routine and familiar. There is a special place in my heart for the novels, short stories, and poems that I can recite from memory, but still choose to read over and over again in their truest form. Lately I have been revisiting Simon Rich's work; here are two of my favorites: one and two.

I've also been listening to a lot of Vampire Weekend, in particular this album, plenty of Ella Fitzgerald (a rare goddess), and the soundtrack from Saturday Night Fever!

And before I go, I must give a huge thank you to Recovery Warriors for recently posting my piece Ten Expert Tips for What It Takes to Recover From Binge and Emotional Eating. Please go check it out and while you're there, download the Recovery Warriors app and browse around their website to get additional support for your recovery journey. They do amazing work and we are proud and grateful to collaborate with them.

Josh Neimark